July 15 DCS World Patch notes + Hornet/Tomcat

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July 15 DCS World Patch notes + Hornet/Tomcat

Post by Lion » Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:29 am

https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/ ... 5.6.52196/

Added support of new DCS NS 430 Navigation System modules for C-101CC and C-101EB.

Introduced Historical mode filter in the ME.

The historical mode is designed to facilitate the creation of historical mission scenarios. If the author of the mission wants to use equipment only for a given year, he can click on the small button with a clock in the bottom line of the Mission Editor, after which all lists of equipment and aircraft are filtered out for a given year. The lists will show only those aircraft or equipment that were in service with the selected country in a given year. This mode can be turned on and off in the process of creating a mission if you need to select objects outside a given year.

Aircraft carriers. Planes don't takeoff until the previously taken-off group of helicopters land at the airfield - fixed.
AI flight no longer maintains AAR formation while flight members are refueling - fixed.
AI aircraft AAR in turn receive fuel at a slower rate - fixed.
AI aircraft: When attempting to maintain formation AI is capable of noticeably breaking the laws of physics - fixed.
S3B AI eject before reaching runway after tanker mission - fixed.
Ground AI. Task 'Hold' ignored by HMMWV - fixed.
AI AV-8B: Spawning inside of other aircraft on deck - fixed.
AI AV-8B: landing outside of the deck - fixed.
Aircraft Carriers: Helicopters block aircraft landing in some cases - fixed.
If AI helicopter spawn on a ship in cold, later startup and takeoff then land back on ship, then it will land at the center of the ship model - fixed.
If AI helicopter spawn in air, then land on ship it will disappear at 100m behind the ship - fixed.
AI E-2D goes outside deck boundaries during taxi to parking - fixed.
Protection from incoming NaN at game initialization added (crash on mission start fixed).
Tall targets (with high antennas for example) will be targeted at the base now, instead of the geometrical center of the model box.
ME. Added Copy and Paste of Trigger Zones.
AI F/A-18 turned external lights off during catapult launch - fixed.
FARP: ground units sinking into the FARP surface - fixed.
MP. Dedicated server late activation ships do not activate - fixed.
AI MiG-25: Since MiG don't have gun fitted and short range AA missiles his attack attempts from short range are useless - fixed.
ME. Triggers. Added condition: Unit Type in Zone - Aircraft/Helicopter/Ground/Naval.
Ka-50. Reduced beacon rotary speed.
ME. Copy and Paste an aircraft group can lose Uncontrolled option - fixed.
AI aircraft. Sometimes occurs a midair collision during recovery to deck.
In some cases AI aircraft do not take off until the AV-8B group lands or deactivates - fixed.
Dedicated Server. Added Su-25T and TF-51D into server install.
F10 map. Optimised font rendering, increased frame rate a bit.
F10 map. Eliminated grey squares on map at low graphic preset.
EWR 55G6 radar model from certain angles goes grey to white on the mast - fixed.
MP. Crash in MP after using the radio command Engage ground targets - fixed.
Fixed error occurs when you are trying to take off from an airport where there is no radio on the airfield by default. Mesquite in Nevada for example.
VR. Super carrier crew figures only render in one eye in VR and the encyclopedia - fixed.
DCS affinity to zero CPU core fixed.
Fixed Transport.dll crash when bridge destroyed with vehicles on.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED
Refuel never confirms and rearm cannot continue - fixed.
AG radar MAP mode - issue with incorrect designation target position - fixed.
Walleye switching stations will prevent WPDSG being used - fixed.
Only Available Fuze Options Should be Displayed - fixed.
AGM-65F Ground stabilise before reaching designated point when uncaged - fixed.
GBU - laser code can't be assigned for several stations per time - fixed.
Rudder deflection angle indication arrow too close to figures - fixed.
CAGE Switch when FLIR selected changes HUD cage when not in any master mode - fixed.
AGM-65E Auto uncage works for first maverick, subsequent ones require manual caging and un-caging - fixed.
Inside 3000m Gun sight occluded but remain occluded when selecting missile - fixed.
Hornet Changing laser Code - GBU QTY becomes negative - fixed.
Repair causes issues (Radar Altimeter warning, SAI frozen, ADI frozen) - fixed
AutoStart Fails in Cold Weather Conditions - fixed.
AIM-9 Shoot cue missing - fixed.
EXPAND does show TUC info in bottom right corner - fixed.
EXPAND should cancel DCNTR - fixed.
Timer in DDI does not go past 5959 - fixed.
After the launch of the AGM-84E rocket, you must enable the display of information from AWW13 (button 6 DDI disable SLAM) - fixed.
EXPAND doesn't zoom map - fixed.
Only Available Fuze Options Should be Displayed - fixed.
MFD image in some sun light exposure positions is corrupted - fixed.
Cockpit 3D model DDI and RWR materials were adjusted - improved.
Brightness level of displays not working correctly - fixed:
Left/Right MDI and AMPCD day/night mode is initialized now according to Sun angle at the mission start
Adjusted MDI brightness control levels
Implemented repetitive AMPCD GAIN/CONT/SYM rockers function (CONT has no function yet)
Added AUTO X brightness/contrast display for AMPCD when values are changed. It is disabled for contrast until it is implemented
Implemented automatic brightness adjustment for AMPCD for all display formats in night mode, and in day mode when the digital map is displayed
Launch bar switch flickers when controlled by VR gloves - fixed.
Turn rate indicator of Standby AI should be able to move to the edge of the window - fixed.
Unable to select fuzing option on stores page for cluster weapons - fixed.
Updated afterburner effect.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur
NEW - Added Jester Audio option via headphones.
Set RWR, walkman, radar altimeter tone and sidewinder tone to go via headphones.
Fixed CMS rearming not working.
Fixed broken shading on nacelle NACA intakes.
Initial implementation of PD ground clutter contacts.
Prioritize AWACS and carrier over other datalink hosts for Jester menu.
Changed nose strut keybinds to avoid flicking switch to off when key is released.
Tweaks to canopy glass cockpit and exterior.
Fixed LANTIRN panel lights appearing without LANTIRN stick visible.
Specify module shortName in entry.lua as F-14 (defaulted to F14 when unspecified).