A-4 Skyhawk mod?

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A-4 Skyhawk mod?

Post by Hedgehog » Wed Feb 10, 2021 5:59 pm

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The A-4 Skyhawk mod has been getting some more attention recently, and has the potential to be one of the rare required mods for VFA-41.

We have a mandate to support all modern US carrier aircraft in DCS World. That means 'official' aircraft that are released and supported by Eagle Dynamics. So far, that has been limited to the Hornet, Tomcat, and Harrier. We haven't had any pilots screaming about flying the Harrier in missions, so it hasn't been made available. Hopefully we will see the A-6 before too long, and even the A-7 (if we have to... that is one ugly bird).

But the A-4 is a different ballgame as it is not an 'official' DCS airframe. That doesn't mean we can't support and fly it, but it would need to be something that meets our needs. Mostly, that means suitable for multi-player missions, fully functional, stable, and not to cause any sort of compatibility issues. I'm not sure that mod is there yet. When I last looked at it, it didn't quite work right on the carrier deck. The latest update notes seem to reflect continuing problems on the carrier deck.

That all said, I don't have the mod installed. If anyone wants to install it, test it, and evaluate it for multi-player, I'm anxious to hear the results. If it proves fully functional and compatible for our missions, AND if somebody wants to fly it in missions, we can consider it then.