22 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-20

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22 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-20

Post by Lion » Fri Aug 13, 2021 5:00 pm

One of the Iranian power-bases in the Gulf region is a group of several small islands located in the middle of the Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz. While ownership of the islands is a point of contention between U.A.E. and Iran, possession is nine-tenths of the law and Iran has occupied the islands for some time now. The islands themselves are totally worthless, except that they provide a platform to build upon. A significant increase in military air and sea transports to the islands has been noted. Additional ground units appear to have been mobilized and are massing at several staging areas along the southern Iranian coast.

The principal target of today's strike is the Iranian airbase on Abu Musa Island. It is imperative to impede the flow of supplies and weapons into the area in order to discourage future Iranian offensive actions.
Primary targets are the ammunition depots, secondary targets are the fuel storage tanks; both targets are located in an industrial center less than a mile northwest of the airbase.
Tertiary targets are any military aircraft and vehicles located at the airbase.

Because defenses at Abu Musa Island were attacked and destroyed on the previous strike, your flight has been assigned only escort (UZI 1, UAE M2000C) assets.
Satellite imagery indicates Iran has not replaced the SA-6 site at Abu Musa with another fixed site, but increased cargo shipping in the days after the attack on Sirri points to a likely increase of mobile defenses, likely ZSU-23-3 Shilka AAA and possibly SA-15 Gauntlet short range systems, as well as a multitude of fixed S-60 AAA batteries and MANPADs.

The escort flight will be orbiting WAYPOINT 2 @ 1615L, they will push when any Dealer flight passes within 2NM of waypoint 2, and act completely autonomously after that with no input needed from VFA-41 aircraft.

There is an Iranian MiG-29 CAP to the north, well inland, as well as a two-ship of F-14As patrolling near Qeshm Island. If either of those flights make aggressive manuevers, UZI 1 will engage them.

OVERLORD will be airborne and will advise you of any incoming threats.

Tankers are airborne, but they will be limited to operate within protected airspace over United Arab Emirates territory.

VFA-41, USN (315.00 - 318.00)
1. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 1-1 (Strike)
2. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 2-1 (Strike)
3. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 3-1 (Strike)
4. 2x F-14A Callsign: Dodge 4-1 (Strike)
5. 2x F-14B Callsign: Dodge 5-1 (Strike)

Supporting Aircraft (USN):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Overlord 1-1, 266.00 AM
2. 1x S-3B Tanker Callsign: Texaco 2-1, TCN 56Y, 251.00
3. 1x KC-135MPRS Callsign: Arco 3-1, TCN 55Y, 252.00

Supporting Aircraft (UAE):
1. 4x M-2000C Callsign: Uzi 1, 320.00 AM

Mission: Daytime Airbase Strike
Flight Callsign: Dodge
Startup time: 1600 (local)
WX: FEW/SCT 8/10, SCT 23/24, 3 knots E surface, 6 knots NNE FL066, 10 knots E FL260+, altimeter 29.65, low surface turbulence
Bullseye: Sir Abu Ny'air Island
ROE: Red - Weapons Free
Carrier TCN & ICLS: 72X, CH 5
Divert: Al Dhafra AB (160 nm southeast of CVBG) TCN 96X, Al Minhad AFB (53 nm south of target area), TCN 99X
Max Mission Length: 320 nm
pg20 primary target overview.jpg
pg20 primary target overview.jpg (747.1 KiB) Viewed 128 times
pg20 primary target detailed.jpg
pg20 primary target detailed.jpg (1.28 MiB) Viewed 128 times
pg20 map.jpg
pg20 map.jpg (514.71 KiB) Viewed 128 times
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Re: 15 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-20

Post by MrBean » Sat Aug 14, 2021 10:52 am

CAPT Hedgehog assigned as Mission Commander

Alternate: CDR Trim

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Re: 22 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-20

Post by Lion » Sat Aug 21, 2021 4:17 pm

updated with images, new weather forecast

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Re: 22 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-20

Post by Lion » Sat Aug 21, 2021 4:27 pm

Kneeboard and target overview and imagery have all been added to Sunday's in-sim kneeboard :)
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