01 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-18

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01 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-18

Post by Lion » Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:27 pm

Turnabout is fair play, and it is now our turn to hit the port in Bostanu that launched the strikes against us. Therefore, in order to knock Iran's missile boat capacity out of action for a significant period of time, we're sending two strike flights to really pound the place. Your primary targets are any moored warships, while the second strike package will hit the oil storage tanks at the port.

Despite our earlier mission in sinking multiple Iranian corvettes, they have still have many more docked in port. Satellite imagery has also obtained photographs of an Iranian supertanker converted into a resupply mothership tied up at the port, with three La Combattante FACs tied up next to her. Command does not expect any of the ships to sortie until the morning so the time to take out the supertanker and any ships at the port is now.

The secondary strike flight should concentrate on striking any and all oil storage tanks at the port, they will be marked in forthcoming intel photographs.

Your flights will be supported by 2 F-16C aircraft (Altitude FL300), which will suppress two SA-2 SAM sites on the ingress route and at your target.

Close escort for your package will be provided by a two ship flight of VF-103 F-14s. The F-14 CAP will engage any detected bandits that come within 50 nm of their flight. (Altitude FL350)

Both escort flights will be orbiting WAYPOINT 2 @ 0020L, they will push when any Dealer flight passes within 2NM of waypoint 2, and act completely autonomously after that with no input needed from VFA-41 aircraft.

Enemy air has largely been absent the last few missions, but with an attack so close to Bandar Abbas, we can expect a dedicated fighter defense. Speed is your best ally in tonight's mission, loitering over the target area is inadvisable.

OVERLORD will be airborne and will advise of any incoming threats.

Tankers are airborne over the Persian Gulf.

VFA-41, USN (315.00 - 318.00)
1. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 1-1 (Strike)
2. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 2-1 (Strike)
3. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 3-1 (Strike)
4. 2x F-14A Callsign: Dodge 4-1 (Strike)
5. 2x F-14B Callsign: Dodge 5-1 (Strike)

Supporting Aircraft (USN):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Overlord 1-1, 266.00 AM
2. 1x S-3B Tanker Callsign: Texaco 2-1, TCN 56Y, 251.00
3. 1x KC-135MPRS Callsign: Arco 3-1, TCN 55Y, 252.00
4. 2x F-14B Callsign: Uzi 1, 320.00 AM

Supporting Aircraft (UAE):
1. 2x F-16CM Callsign: Uzi 2, 320.00 AM

Mission: Nighttime Warship Strike
Flight Callsign: Dodge
Startup time: 0000 (local)
WX: FEW/SCT 5/6, ---- 6 kts SW surface, 18 kts SE FL066, 14 kts NE FL260+, altimeter inHg 29.49
Bullseye: Sir Abu Ny'air Island
ROE: Red - Weapons Free
Carrier TCN & ICLS: 72X, CH 5
Divert: Al Dhafra AB, TCN 96 (110 nm southeast of CVBG) OR Khasab Airport, TCN 84 (53 nm south-southeast of target area)
Max Mission Length: 440 nm
pg18 map.png
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pg18 target intel.png
pg18 target intel.png (6.88 MiB) Viewed 142 times
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Re: 01 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-18

Post by MrBean » Fri Jul 30, 2021 9:18 am

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Re: 01 AUG 2021 Gauntlet-18

Post by Lion » Sat Jul 31, 2021 5:32 pm

brief updated with intel photos and information

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