25 JUL 2021 Gauntlet-17

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25 JUL 2021 Gauntlet-17

Post by MrBean » Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:34 am


DATE: 25 July

TIME: 07:00

SUNRISE: 05:22
SUNSET: 18:44

TASK: Offensive Counter Air (OCA) Lar Airbase

WX: 350@10KT 14,000BKN 24,000SCT T30 Q30.23


Dealer 1: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 2: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 3: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 1-4: 3 x F-14b

USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) / BRC 005° / Freq 137.5 [5] / TCN 72X "ABE" / ICLS: 5

AWACS / E-3A / OVERLORD / Freq 266.000 [4]
Mission Tanker / KC135MPRS / TEXACO / Freq 251.00 [6] / TCN:55Y
Recovery Tanker / S-3B / SHELL / Freq 231.00 [7] / TCN:66Y

Al Minhad AB (WP8)
Rwy: 9/27
TCN: 99X
ATC: 250.1

BULLSEYE: Sirri Island (WP9)


In recent weeks Iran has made several attempts to target the USS Lincoln Strike group. Although these attacks have failed to inflict any damage, they have become increasingly worrisome and Command has authorized direct action Iranian against ports and airfields that operate in support of the attacks.

Lar Airbase is home to a squadron of SU-24 and SU-25 aircraft that were used in an attack on the CSG two weeks ago and although several aircraft were shot down, satellite imaging indicates that the airbase still hosts enough aircraft to pose a credible threat going forward.


VFA-41 is being tasked to conduct an Offensive Counter-Air strike against the Iranian Air Force’s Lar Airbase (WP4, 5, 6)

The primary objective is to first disable the airfield’s runway (09/27) with Mk 84 iron bombs and/or GBU 31 penetrator warheads. Waypoints have been placed at both ends of the runway (WP4 & WP5). This should render the airfield unusable for further action against the CSG.

Today’s secondary objective is to target the control tower and headquarters building on the south side of the tarmac (WP6).

Any aircraft parked in the open should also be targeted if time and ordnance permits.

Today’s divert field is Minhad Airbase (WP8). TEXACO (KC-135) will be available off the coast of UAE if required enroute to divert. SHELL (S-3B) will be on station for recovery tanking.


Previous SEAD and strike flights against enemy EWR sites have largely crippled Iran’s extensive air defense network. Several isolated SAM sites still do persist, however. Intelligence reports a SA-11 is operational to the East of the airbase as well as an SA-2 along the coast South of the airfield. The ingress and egress route has been planned to avoid both threats.

Expect multiple AAA emplacements as well as MANPADS in the vicinity of the airport.

Iran still operates Combat Air Patrols over their territory out of Bandar Abbas, so enemy fighters may be present in the area.

Although primarily a strike aircraft base, Lar does house a small number of second-line air defense fighters (F-5s/F-4’s), which will likely be scrambled once the Iranians figure out that Lar is our target. Striking the runway first will hopefully prevent these aircraft from getting airborne, allowing more time to prosecute the secondary targets.


All Iranian air, air defense, and military ground targets may be engaged as encountered.

Gauntlet 17 Overview
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Target Area Recon
Gauntlet 17 intel.png
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Mission Datacard
Gauntlet 17 MDC.png
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Re: 25 JUL 2021 Gauntlet-17

Post by MrBean » Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:36 am

Sorry for the short-notice on this week's target fellas, last minute change of plan.

CDR Raid assigned as Mission Commander

Alternate: LCDR MadDog

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