27 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-15

For scheduled squadron missions.
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27 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-15

Post by Lion » Thu Jun 24, 2021 9:20 pm

We are currently one of the most effective offensive units in the area, and the Iranians know this. If they feel their operations are threatened enough, we can expect the Iranians to make a play at knocking our carrier out of this conflict.

To that end, the operations has tasked additional combat air patrols around the carrier group to provide a barrier against any incoming threats, as well as additional escorts for our airborne E-2s and KC-135MPRS tankers.

Our E-2 Hawkeye and Saudi's E-3A will be airborne and will advise you of any incoming threats.
A KC-135MPRS is airborne north of the carrier group, in the center of all our BARCAP tracks.

Four missions have been scheduled for your squadron today. Separate Barrier Combat Air Patrol (BARCAP) tracks have been set up 85 miles north of the carrier group and 50 miles east of the group. These must have at least two airframes each assigned to it ensure acceptable mission coverage. Additionally, the RSAF E-3A and KC-135MPRS tanker have also slots open for airframes to protect them.

Marks are on the F10 map for the F-14s to set up as waypoints where-ever they get assigned to.

Expected threats today are Iranian Su-25 bombers, Su-24M bombers from the north and east, and possible fast attack missile boats from the east attempting to launch anti-ship cruise missiles.

Remain on-station unless winchester until 1745 local.

VFA-41, USN (315.00 - 318.00)
1. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 1-1 (North CAP)
2. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 2-1 (East CAP)
3. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 3-1 (AWACS Escort)
4. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 4-1 (Tanker Escort)
5. 2x F-14A Callsign: Dodge 5-1 (CAP Support)
6. 2x F-14B Callsign: Dodge 6-1 (CAP Support)

Supporting Aircraft (USN):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Overlord 1-1, 266.00 AM
2. 1x S-3B Tanker Callsign: Texaco 2-1, TCN 56Y
3. 1x KC-135MPRS Callsign: Arco 3-1, TCN 55Y

Flight Callsign: Dodge 1 to 6
Startup time: 1600 (local)
WX: BKN 010/020, OVC 140/160, SCT 265/290 ---- 6 kts SSE surface, 6 kts W FL066, 10 kts NE FL260+, altimeter 29.55 inHg
Bullseye: Sir Abu Ny'air Island
ROE: Red - Weapons Free
Carrier TCN & ICLS: 72X, CH 5
Divert: Al Dhafra AB (110 nm southeast of CVBG)
Max Mission Length: 105 minutes (not including recovery ops)
pg15 MAP.jpg
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Re: 27 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-15

Post by Lion » Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:03 pm

Threat Analysis

Su-25 "Frogfoot" bomber weapons:
  • S-25L, 340mm laser guided heavyweight rocket, range 1.8 miles
  • AS-10 Karen, 300kg laser guided air-to-surface missile, range 12.4 miles
  • AA-8 Aphid, short range infrared guided air-to-air missile, range 5 miles
pg15 su25 intel.png
pg15 su25 intel.png (2.74 MiB) Viewed 272 times

Su-24 "Fencer" medium range bomber weapons:
  • AS-17 Krypton, 610kg supersonic inertial guided & active radar terminal anti-ship missile, Mach 3+ sea skimming, range 25 miles
  • AS-12 Kegler, 320kg passive radar homing anti-radiation missile, range 12.5 miles
pg15 su24 intel.png
pg15 su24 intel.png (2.52 MiB) Viewed 272 times

PPG Molniya-class Fast Attack Craft, Missile:
  • Max speed: 36 knots
  • 1 × 76 mm AK-176 dual purpose main gun
  • 2 × AK-630 30 mm gun CIWS
  • 2 x Strela-3 infrared guided SAM, short range
  • 4 x SS-N-22 Sunburn supersonic anti-ship missile, warhead 320kg, inertial guided with active & passive radar homing terminal guidance, Mach 2.5 sea skimming, range 125 miles
pg15 molniya intel.png
pg15 molniya intel.png (2.22 MiB) Viewed 272 times

La Combattante IIa-class fast attack craft, Missile:
  • Max speed: 36 knots
  • 1 × OTO Melara 76mm gun
  • 1 × Bofors 40mm gun
  • 4 x Harpoon subsonic anti-ship missile, warhead 222kg, inertial guided with active radar homing terminal guidance, sea skimming, range 60 miles
pg15 lacombattante intel.png
pg15 lacombattante intel.png (2.95 MiB) Viewed 272 times

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Re: 27 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-15

Post by Hedgehog » Fri Jun 25, 2021 7:23 am

Combat Information Center (CIC): AS-10 Karen demands to speak to the manager.

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