13 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-13

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13 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-13

Post by Lion » Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:15 pm

In anticipation of future air strikes deeper in Iran, you have been tasked with the destruction of a known Iranian Early Warning radar complex deeper nearby the town of Farrashband.

The complex is protected by at least one known SA-15 Gauntlet SAM.
Furthermore, there is a known fixed SA-6 SAM site 6 nm northwest near the town itself that will need to be suppressed prior to any close-in attack on the primary targets.

Primary target is the Early Warning Radar and two structures in the town that provide air defense coordination to the rest of the Iranian integrated air defense network, an IOC Tower and a command center, waypoints 5,6,7 respectively. HARM prebriefed codes for the EWR, SA-6, and SA-15 will be provided via the kneeboard.

Our E-2 Hawkeye AWACS is airborne and will be tracking any airborne threats. Due to the target's location close proximity (45 nm) to Shiraz International, a MiG-29A fighter response should be expected promptly, if they are not already airborne in the area by the time your strike package arrives.

Mission tankers are airborne, but they will be limited to operate within protected airspace over Qatari territory.

1. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 1-1 (Destruction of Enemy Air Defences)
2. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 2-1 (Support)
3. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 3-1 (Support)
4. 4x F-14B Callsign: Dodge 4-1 (Support)

Supporting Aircraft (USN):
1. 1x E-2 AWACS Callsign: Overlord 1-1
2. 1x S-3B Tanker Callsign: Texaco 2-1, TCN 56Y
3. 1x S-3B Tanker Callsign: Arco 3-1, TCN 55Y

Supporting Aircraft (RSAF):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Focus 2-1

Supporting Aircraft (USAF):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Wizard 3-1

Mission: EWR Strike
Flight Callsign: Dodge 1-1
Startup time: 1930 (local)
WX: Clear, 18 kts NW surface, 27 kts SW FL066, 20 kts E FL260+
Bullseye: Shiraz Intl
ROE: Red - Weapons Free
Carrier ICLS: 5
Divert: Al Dhafra AB (110 nm southeast of CVBG)
Max Mission Length: 400 nm using non-standoff weaponry

Expected Threats:
Confirmed SA-6 SAM at WP4.
Probable SA-15 SAM at WP5.

A small force of four MiG-29As are deployed to Shiraz International.
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Re: 13 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-13

Post by Lion » Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:24 pm

Startup weather look + mission maps:
pg13 lighting.jpg
pg13 lighting.jpg (528.41 KiB) Viewed 255 times
pg13 map.jpg
pg13 map.jpg (389.32 KiB) Viewed 255 times
pg13 target area.jpg
pg13 target area.jpg (314.12 KiB) Viewed 255 times

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Re: 13 JUN 2021 Gauntlet-13

Post by MrBean » Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:12 pm

CAPT Hedgehog as Mission Commander

Alternate: CDR Trim

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