02 MAY 2021 Gauntlet-7

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02 MAY 2021 Gauntlet-7

Post by Lion » Mon Apr 26, 2021 12:05 am

Intelligence has identified a large Iranian build-up of arms and supplies taking place. We are going to disrupt this operation by interdicting supplies, destroying key bridges, attacking ammo warehousing facilities, and disabling airfields that are responsible for the majority of the airlifting.


For today's mission we are going to hit the support facilities at the airfield proximate to Lar. The primary targets are the fuel storage tanks and ammunition depots. Cause as much damage to the target as possible, but be sure to confine your weapons release to the area of the target airfield to avoid civilian casualties.

Secondary targets of opportunity are any airfield buildings, parked aircraft, or military vehicles at the airport.

Because defenses at Lar are expected to be significant, your flight is being assigned both SEAD and escort assets.

Tankers are airborne, but they will be limited to operate within protected airspace over Emirati territory.

Package (USN, UAE):
1. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 1-1 (Strike)
2. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 2-1 (Support)
3. 4x F/A-18C Callsign: Dodge 3-1 (Support)
4. 4x F-14B Callsign: Dodge 4-1 (Support)

5. 4x F-16CM Callsign Enfield 2-1 (TARCAP)
6. 4x F-16CM Callsign Enfield 1-1 (SEAD)

Supporting Aircraft (USN):
1. 1x E-2 AWACS Callsign: Overlord 1-1
2. 1x S-3B Tanker Callsign: Texaco 2-1, TCN 56Y
3. 1x KC-135MPRS Tanker Callsign: Arco 3-1, TCN 55Y

Supporting Aircraft (RSAF):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Focus 2-1

Supporting Aircraft (USAF):
1. 1x E-3 AWACS Callsign: Wizard 3-1

Mission: Night Airbase Attack
Flight Callsign: Dodge 1-1
Takeoff time: 0300 (local)
WX: SCT/BKN 18/20 FEW 36/38 FEW 40, 9 knots E surface, 63 knots SW FL260, waning gibbous Moon (good lunar illumination)
Bullseye: Lar Airport
ROE: Red - Weapons Free
Carrier ICLS: 5

Expected Threats:
SA-2 site at Lar Airport.
ZSU-23 sites at Lar Airport.
S-60 sites at Lar Airport.
MANPADs at Lar Airport.
MANPADs at Kish Airport.
MANPADs at Lavan Island Airport.

F-14A, MiG-29A interceptors are expected to be scrambled within 30 minutes of your flight's detection by Iranian early warning radars. UAE flight Enfield 2-1 (320.00 AM) will maintain a TARCAP track 8 miles southeast of the target area at 30,000 feet and will prosecute any hostile air that come within 45 nm.
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Re: 02 MAY 2021 Gauntlet-7

Post by MrBean » Thu Apr 29, 2021 1:42 pm

CAPT Hedgehog assigned as Mission Commander

Alternate: CDR Trim

Edit: MC reassigned due HH unavailable

Edit to the edit: Re-reassigned MC duties due to HH speeding on the way home from Tallahassee

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