18 April 2021 Gauntlet Side Mission - Harbor Strike

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18 April 2021 Gauntlet Side Mission - Harbor Strike

Post by MrBean » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:21 am


DATE: 18 April 2021

TIME: 07:00

SUNRISE: 06:32
SUNSET: 19:50

TASK: Anti-shipping Bandar Lengeh Harbor

WX: Wind: 325@15kt Clouds: Broken 10K, Broken 15K QNH: 29.79


Dealer 1: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 2: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 3: 4 x F/A-18c

USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72) / BRC 335° / Freq 127.5 [7] / TCN 72X "LNC" / ICLS: 5

AWACS / E-2D / MAGIC / Freq 266.000 [4]
Mission Tanker / KC135MPRS / TEXACO / Freq 351.00 [6] / TCN:55Y
Recovery Tanker / S-3B / SHELL / Freq 231.00 [5] / TCN:66Y

CAP Flight / 2x F-14B / PONTIAC / FREQ 266.0

Rwy: 16/34
ATC: 250.9



Following an intense month of multinational negotiations over Iran’s nuclear arms development efforts and strict US-sponsored sanctions, Iran has publicly stated that they are stepping up their Uranium enrichment program. Sources state that increased shipments of raw materials and manufacturing equipment/machinery are being smuggled into the country aboard foreign-flagged merchant vessels.

One such shipment has been tracked to the port of Bandar Lengeh, where several ships are currently being unloaded pierside or remain at anchor in the harbor awaiting available dock space.


VFA-41 is being tasked to attack Bandar Lengeh Harbor (WP3) and sink any cargo ships or naval vessels within the harbor.

Multiple dhows, fishing boats, and private yachts are also located within the harbor. To prevent excessive collateral damage use of Mav-Fs and/or LGB/JDAM munitions is recommended.

Broken cloud layer with bases at 10,000’ are expected over the target area making longer range standoff munitions less reliable for this mission.


- Conditions may require mid-altitude drop of ordnance due to cloud cover limitations on target acquisition. Accordingly, AAA/manpads are more of a threat.

- Carrier is operating off the coast of Qatar, no nearby landing divert is available. Ras al-Khaimah is available as a target area divert. Minhad is also available but expect strong crosswinds.


An SA-2 site located just east of the harbor was attacked and put out of action by allied aircraft based out of Minhad before dawn this morning. No other long-range SAMs are expected to be covering the coast in that area.

An F-14 TARPS flight overflew the target area yesterday and photographed a lone SA-8, along with several AAA emplacements on the pier and breakwaters surrounding the harbor. Two Iranian patrol boats with radar-guided AAA (effective up to 10,000’) were also seen tied up to the pier. No IR manpads were observed, but may be present.

Iran may scramble aircraft out of Bandar Abbas once the strike is underway. Two F-14s will be airborne in the vicinity to help counter any Iranian air response.


Any large cargo vessels/tankers located along the piers or anchored within the harbor are valid targets. Iranian patrol boats, if present, may also be engaged

All other Iranian military targets (AAA/SAM/Armor and aircraft) may be targeted as required.

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TARPS Recon Image
Bandar Lengeh.png
Bandar Lengeh.png (1.7 MiB) Viewed 68 times

Mission Data Card
Mission Data Card.png
Mission Data Card.png (61.37 KiB) Viewed 65 times
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Re: 18 April 2021 Gauntlet Side Mission - Harbor Strike

Post by MrBean » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:22 am

CDR Ticman assigned as Mission Commander

Alternate: LCDR Raid

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