28 JUN 2020 TOMB FIST M20

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28 JUN 2020 TOMB FIST M20

Post by Lion » Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:57 pm

TIME: JUNE 28, 2020, 1800L STARTUP (Sunset 1920L)
NW 12 kts surface, 14 knot gusts
NW 22 kts 6600 ft
S 5 kts 26000 ft
29.45 inhg

With the thorough degradation of Red Iranian airfields and air defenses on the island fortresses, Qeshm Island, and Bandar Abbas, NAVCENT is initiating the next phase of Operation Tomb Fist.

All combat squadrons deployed in theater, as well as long range assets based in Europe and at home will commence strikes on a multitude of high value infrastructure and military targets in southern Iran, including power plants, bridges, Iranian military facilities, and naval bases.

VFA-41 flights will launch on a search and destroy mission.

Following several SEAD and strike taskings in the area, CSG-3 launched BGM-109 'Tomahawk' cruise missiles at the Ardakan Yellowcake Production Plant and flattened it.
Unfortunately, intel received reports that a convoy loaded up the last shipments of processed uranium ore and returned to Shiraz International Airport within hours. Now sources in the area claim frantic military activity by two C-130 turboprop, loading various crates and barrels into the cargo holds, as well as a multitude of anti-aircraft artillery emplacements being deployed in the area.

Fearing the distribution of this critical step of nuclear weapons production, NAVCENT has ordered a flight to strike the planes while they are still being loaded on the south-eastern ramp.
Unfortunately, due to a growing influx of refugees and injured persons from the increasingly wartorn area, the runways are not authorized for attack due to usage by international paramedical flights.
If ROE prevents strikes on the planes in the ground, then take extra care not to engage the aircraft if they are over civilian villages and cities.

Based on observational sightings, HUMINT sources estimate the C-130s will finish loading and depart at approximately 1830 local.

4x F/A-18C, Dealer 1: 315.00 MHz
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 2: 316.00 MHz
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 3: 317.00 MHz
4x F-14B, 315.00 MHz
1x E-2D, Overlord (AWACS): 266.00 MHz - CHAN 4
1x S-3B, Shell 1 (RECOVERY TANKER): 232.00 Mhz, TCN 63X - CHAN 5
1x KC-135MPRS, Texaco 1-1 (MISSION TANKER): 236.00 MHz, TCN 68X - CHAN 6

1x E-3A, Roxanne 1 (AWACS): 267.00 AM - CHAN 10
2x F-15C, Enfield 1 (Escort): 391.00 AM

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Mission Commander Assignment 28 JUN 2020 TOMB FIST M20

Post by Shadow » Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:16 am

LCDR Ticman is assigned as MC.

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