13 OCT 2019 M-16 H.Q. Precision Strike

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13 OCT 2019 M-16 H.Q. Precision Strike

Post by Shadow » Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:21 am

M-16 H.Q. Precision Strike
by Shadow

TIME: OCT 13, 2019, 0600L launch.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy, possible rain, patchy fog.
Wind from SE @ 6 kts.
LOCATION: Persian Gulf

The VFA-41 Black Aces will launch two or more flights and ingress NOE and undetected to Jiroft Airport, IRAN. Black Aces Dealer1 is STRIKE flight. Dealer2 and Dealer3 are CAP/SEAD. Dealer1 will be assigned Primary Target buildings marked with WP#7 and WP#8 and Secondary Target buildings marked with WP#9 and WP#10. STRIKE flight will carry 2,000 lb ordinance for these four (4) targets. The Target buildings are not "hardened" but are reportedly "reinforced" to make them defend-able from ground assault. Additional load out to eliminate any ground or air mover targets trying to egress will be necessary. A basic SA-6 SAM installation near the target buildings covers the area. Coordinates for the SA-6 STR radar N 28-43-36.28 E 57-40-23.38. ALT 2651 ROE: Weapons Free Mission flight = 470 nm.

The Jiroft Airport is a safe area for high ranking military officers and staff. Very few civilians ever enter the area. The target buildings are offices and living quarters for the senior officers and staff. Eliminating this leadership will cripple the Iran war effort. For complete success, this operation must destroy not only the four (4) target buildings but also any movers, ground or air, trying to leave the area. If the VFA-41 flights are detected before approaching to within striking distance, the enemy officers will have time to evacuate. Intel estimates this striking distance to be 25 nm, marked with WP#6.

Three (3) F-16C Falcons, Uzi-1, will T/O from Al Minhad AB and fly a SEAD mission to disable the SA-2 SAM on the IRAN coast SW of DEALER1 WP11, and other flights WP8. This will provide a shorter egress from hostile air space. Uzi-1 will T/O when DEALER Flights reach the target area and then engage and disable the SAM approx. 20 minutes later.
KC-135MPRS, Texaco (FUEL) will be available near Khasab Airport.

2X GBU-31
2X AIM-9X Sidewinder
3X Fuel Tank

2X AGM-88C HARM or 2X AGM-65F Maverick
2X AIM-9X Sidewinder
3X Fuel Tank

EAST STENNIS, 74X (ICLS 11) Carrier#1
COMMS, 127.5
BRC: 143

COMMS, 133.5

COMMS, 143.5

4x F/A-18C, Dealer 1 STRIKE: 305.00 MHz, On Carrier#1
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 2 CAP/SEAD: 306.00 MHz, On Carrier#2
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 3 CAP/STRIKE: 307.00 MHz, On Carrier#3
2x F/A-18C, Dealer 4: On Carrier#2
2x F-14B, On Carrier#1
1x E-2D, Darkstar (AWACS): 266.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 20
3x F-16C, Uzi-1 SEAD: 310.00 MHz, Al Minhad AB
1x S-3B, Arco (FUEL): 251.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 18 TCN: 30X
1x KC-135MPRS, Texaco (FUEL): 261.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 16, TCN: 35X

BULLSEYE: Way Point 4, common for all flights.
DIVERT FIELD: Khasab Airport, OMAN, Comms 110.30, TCN 84X. BRC 194
DIVERT FIELD: Fujairah Intl Airport, UAE, Comms 111.10, BRC 293
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Mission Commander Assignment

Post by Shadow » Wed Oct 09, 2019 12:14 am

Lt Trim is assigned as Mission Commander.

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