15 Sept 2019 M-12 The Gloves Come Off - RESCHEDULED

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15 Sept 2019 M-12 The Gloves Come Off - RESCHEDULED

Post by Shadow » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:11 am

M-12 The Gloves Come Off
by Shadow

TIME: SEP 8, 2019, 0540L launch.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy, Ceiling 15k
LOCATION: Persian Gulf

The VFA-41 Black Aces will launch a flight to escort B-52 bombers (Enfield 1) to attack Lar Airbase, IRAN. A Black Aces Dealer1 SEAD flight will also launch and destroy the SA-10 SAM at Dealer1 SEAD WP#7 to clear the ingress for the B-52 Strike flight. The B-52 Strike flight will commence ingress when Dealer1 SEAD overflys the SA-10 to ensure it is not operational. B-52 Strike (Enfield 1) will then be approx. 30 minites from the strike objective. Dealer 2 ESCORT will not want to launch too early unless they take extra fuel. Two KC-135MPRS Tankers will be available feet wet on the Strike egress route.

The SA-10 SAM is at Dealer1 SEAD WP#7 and is located on an elevated position on a long ridge. INTEL believes the area can be approached undetected by flying NOE through low passes in the other two high ridges between the SAM installation and the coast . Dealer1 SEAD WP5 is 25 NM from the SA-10 SAM. The high ridges will provide excellent terrain masking. Extra HARM's could be used against the Rapier Blindfire SAM at the target objective. The B-52's will be above the Rapiers vertical range but fighter response might bring the Rapier Blindfire into play. ROE: WEAPONS FREE for all ENEMY military units.

The hostiles that confronted Flight 106 launched from Lar Airbase, IRAN. Central Command has ordered the airbase put out of operation. It is approx. 70 nm into IRAN and striking it is a substantial escalation in this conflict. Iran has continued its hostilities against neutral shipping, civilian carriers, and refuses to negotiate a good faith peaceful solution. Authorization for this strike comes from the highest military authority, so don't let them down.
Four (4) B-52H bombers will conduct the strike. VFA-41 Black Aces will provide support in the way of SEAD and ESCORT. The B-52's will make one pass at Angels 28 and egress on the ingress route.

6X AIM-9X Sidewinder
C/L Fuel Tank

2X AIM-9X Sidewinder
C/L Fuel Tank

EAST STENNIS, 74X (ICLS 11) Carrier#1
COMMS, 127.5
BRC: 165

COMMS, 133.5

4x F/A-18C, Dealer 1 SEAD: 305.00 MHz, On Carrier#1
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 2 ESCORT: 306.00 MHz, On Carrier#2
2x F/A-18C, Dealer 3 ESCORT: On Carrier#2
2x F-14B, ESCORT: On Carrier#1
1x E-2D, Darkstar (AWACS): 266.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 20
1x KC-135, Texaco (FUEL): 261.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 16
TCN: 35X
1x KC-135, Shell (FUEL): 260.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 14
TCN: 26X
1x S-3B, Arco (FUEL): 251.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 18
TCN: 30X
BULLSEYE: Way Point 1, common for all flights.
DIVERT FIELD: Al Dhafra AB, UAE TCN 96X Comms. 114.90 BRC 128
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Mission Commander Assignment

Post by Shadow » Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:40 pm

LCDR Hedgehog is assigned as MC for this complex mission. He can use everyone's support.

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Additional SEAD Info

Post by Shadow » Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:08 pm

The target SA-10 SAM has been stationary and is expected to remain at the present location. SAT DATA reveals a single Targeting Radar and INTEL feels it is the SAM's most vulnerable component.
Dealer 1 SEAD flight WP#7 is positioned on the Target Radar for weapon targeting purposes.
GPS target data is also available and the AGM-154A JSOW is authorized. Central Command considers this mission very important. It will send a message to the Iranian leadership that NATO forces will strike where ever necessary to stop Iran's aggression. The message will only be clear if the mission is successful.
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