16 June 2019 M-02 Limpet Attack

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16 June 2019 M-02 Limpet Attack

Post by Shadow » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:33 am

M-02 Limpet Attack
by Shadow

TIME: June 16, 2019, 1100L launch.
LOCATION: Persian Gulf

Two or more flights of the VFA-41 Black Aces will fly a sortie in the Strait of Hormuz to investigate the attack on two oil tankers in the Port of Khasab. The ships report explosions but did not see any water craft nearby. Patrol the area and do a sweep along the IRAN coast to look for anything suspicious. ROE - Weapons Free if fired upon.

Two unexplained explosions in the same port is not a coincidence. If this was the work of the IRGC as INTEL suggests, a hostile response to your patrol should be expected. Iran State Media is already reporting the explosions and blaming the ships crew and suggesting American involvement. The Iran State Media reported three ships damaged but the Port Authority has stated it is clear only two ships are involved.

2X AGM-65F Maverick
2X AIM-9X Sidewinder
C/L Fuel Tank

NORTH STENNIS, 74X (ICLS 11) Carrier#1
COMMS, 127.5
BRC: 274

COMMS, 133.5

4x F/A-18C, Dealer 1: 305.00 MHz, On Carrier#1
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 2: 306.00 MHz, On Carrier#2
2x F/A-18C, On Carrier#2
2x F-14B, On Carrier#1
1x E-2D, Darkstar (AWACS): 266.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 20
1x S-3B, Texaco (FUEL): 251.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 18
TCN: 30X

BULLSEYE: Way Point 2, common for all flights.
DIVERT FIELD: Khasab Air Port

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MISSION UPDATE: M-02 Limpet Attack

Post by Shadow » Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:11 am

Mission Update:
Because of the Aces successful "gathering of information" on the last mission, Operations Area Commander has ordered the ROE be carefully defined. If you are feeling brave, just ask the CO about his visit to the Red Carpet. He definitely took one for the team. "Fired on" means a release of a weapon or guns, OR if a hostile fighter merges and attempts to gain position for a weapon release or guns attack. Pilots need to be aware of historical Iranian tactics. Commanders will order pilots to instigate potential conflicts and challenge other aircraft. Such a conflict can be spun in the media to make them the hero and the US and NATO the villains. Don't take the bait, but watch your six. Remember, the world is watching.

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