09 June 2019 M-01 Gulf Introduction

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09 June 2019 M-01 Gulf Introduction

Post by Shadow » Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:39 am

M-01 Gulf Introduction
by Shadow

TIME: June 9, 2019, 1000L launch.
WEATHER: Semi-Cloudy
LOCATION: Persian Gulf

Two flights of the VFA-41 Black Aces will launch and conduct reconnaissance flights in international air space along the Iranian coast. One flight will go east and one west. It is not the purpose of this operation to escalate hostilities but simply gather information on Iranian readiness and response. All aircraft will be armed and are authorized to defend against any hostile attack.

Dealer 1 will launch and patrol west.

Dealer 2 will launch and patrol east.

Form up and fly to the common separation point, WP2. Fly your routes and regroup at WP7 to ingress to Mother.

The USS Stennis Carrier Group has arrived in the Persian Gulf. Having transitioned the Strait of Hormuz, Command has ordered two reconnaissance sorties to gather intelligence and establish a positive presence in the area. Present a professional highly skilled image, fly formation and look sharp.

4X AIM-9X Sidewinder
C/L Fuel Tank

NORTH STENNIS, TCN 74X (ICLS 11) Carrier#1
COMMS, 127.5
BRC: 225

COMMS, 133.5

4x F/A-18C, Dealer 1: 305.00 MHz, On Carrier#1
4x F/A-18C, Dealer 2: 306.00 MHz, On Carrier#2
2x F/A-18C, On Carrier#1 (Dealer 1 WP's)
2x F-14B, On Carrier#2 (Dealer 2 WP's)

1x E-2D, Darkstar (AWACS): 266.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 20
1x S-3B, Texaco (Refueler) 251.00 MHz - PreSet Channel 18
TCN 30x

BULLSEYE: Way Point 7, common for all flights.
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