Loadout drag values

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Loadout drag values

Post by Lion » Sat May 11, 2019 8:26 am

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Fuel tank drag is a little bit less than a bomb of the same size.
AGMs are significantly more draggy than bombs. I guess this is because of the fins.
AAMs are even more draggy than AGMs. I guess that's because they are carried with a downward tilt (when on pylons).
Confirm that 2 AMRAAMs on a double rack have the same drag as 1 on a single rack.
Confirm that shooting an AMRAAM off a double rack reduces drag partially.
If you take MK82s or 83s on double racks, dropping one bomb from the rack will cancel the drag of the remaining bomb. This is basically the same as the double/single AMRAAM behavior, but more pronounced.
The AMRAAM double-rack itself has a lot of drag. Two of them are as much as a fuel tank. You should jettison these when empty.
Bomb double racks have negative drag (when empty). So, never jettison these, drop the bombs off instead.

Rockets are the drag king in this lineup, and probably the highest drag object you can carry.

Everything seems reasonable (or at least debatable) except for the weird behavior of multiple weapons on the same hardpoint, bomb double racks having negative drag, and the fact that pylons have no drag. Most of these were discussed in another thread some time ago, and I wonder if any will be addressed.

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