Services and Resources at divert fields

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Services and Resources at divert fields

Post by Hedgehog » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:55 pm

Following discussion with the XO and Operations Officer, and in consideration of simulating real-world circumstances;

Generally, the only resource that would be available at non-US air bases is fuel. It is very unlikely in the real world that a field in the UAE or Qatar would have a full Walmart-load of US weapons on-hand. And their ground crews would not likely be authorized to handle ordnance on a US warplane.

What that all means is this, both for Mission Commander planning and for each pilot to carry out;

1. If/when you have to land at a divert field, you may only refuel. Any airfield anywhere would be more than happy to sell anyone jet fuel if they have a US Gov't credit card.

2. Repairs are NOT authorized. There will not be any US Navy personnel there to fix your plane. Local personnel would not be authorized to work on a US Navy warplane.

3. Weapons may not be purchased/loaded. They simply would not have any sort of weapons that would be authorized to be loaded onto a US warplane, and not anyone authorized to do it.

4. STORES MAY NOT BE UNLOADED! Again, there would not be anyone there authorized to touch or unload weapons from a US warplane. You must make note of stores on your plane when you land, and on the RE-ARM/REFUEL page, ensure that you select the weapons that you already have.

5. We will normally assume that all fuel and weapons are available at a US air base. For NATO air bases, it depends. The mission brief should let us know.

6. It is always possible that the Navy can pre-stage personnel and possibly a limited amount of weapon re-loads at a non-US air base before a mission. Again, that will be made clear in the mission brief.