19 February, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 17

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19 February, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 17

Post by Rhino » Mon Feb 20, 2023 8:45 pm

VFA-41 was tasked with offensive counter air as part of a larger air wing strike against the Russian military airbase at Gudauta. The Black Aces were assigned two target areas on the base, 1) hitting 12 individual designated impact points among the bases hardened aircraft shelters (HAS) with GBU-31v4 JDAMs, and 2) striking the Russian Army HQ, troop barracks and motorpool area on the norther edge of the base. A third VFA-41 Section was assigned to attack Russian SHORAD assets guarding the base prior to the arrival of the main strike force.

Ultimately, VFA-41's strikes were successful with 8 of the 12 HAS being destroyed, along with aircraft parked within. Dealer 1-4 reported a fusing malfunction prior to weapons release. The weapons were ordered released anyway, but proved to be duds. Dealer 1-2 had one of his three JDAMs go stupid after release, falling harmlessly into the Black Sea.

Multiple barracks and HQ structures and several vehicles were destroyed by Dealer 2, however several laser guided weapons failed to guide to the target area.

Dealer 3 destroyed three mobile SHORAD systems as well.

Follow on BDA showed the combined attack of the air wing squadrons and the Tomahawk missiles from the strike group ships resulted in significant damage to Gudauta's facilities including the destruction of the fuel farm, ordinance storage warehouses, maintenance facilities, control tower, parking aprons and the cratering of the runway and parallel taxiway. Analysis says the base will be incapable of supporting air operations for the foreseeable future.

Dealer 1:
Rhino- ground targets hit, trapped
Chaos- ground targets hit, trapped
Hedgehog- ground targets hit, trapped
Trim- weapon fusing malfunction, trapped

Dealer 2:
Maniac- ground targets hit, trapped
Crash- ground targets hit, crashed on recovery
Mad Dog- ground targets hit, trapped
Dirty Dan- ground targets hit, trapped

Dealer 3:
Lion- x1 SA-15, x1 SA-19, trapped
Ticman- x1 SA-15, trapped

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Re: 19 February, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 17

Post by Hedgehog » Tue Feb 21, 2023 7:39 am

Pilot records and Greenie Board updated.

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