6 SEP 2020, CC-02 Crap Hits The Fan-Song

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6 SEP 2020, CC-02 Crap Hits The Fan-Song

Post by Trim » Mon Sep 07, 2020 6:24 pm

VFA-41 was tasked with locating a destroying a mobile SA-2 Fan-Song SAM site that was threatening aircraft flying to and from Tbilisi-Lochini Airport.

VFA-41 Launched from the USS Roosevelt and flew to the area that intelligence believed the SAM site to be operating in. The SAM site would remain silent until it was ready to shoot so detection was a challenge. VFA-41 brought along one of their F-14 Tomcats in order to use it's ADM-141A decoys to draw the fire of the SAM site hopefully giving up it's location. The plan worked, a decoy was fired, the SAM site launched on the decoy, the location of the SAM launch was spotted and a target point was able to be placed at the SAM location.

While the SAM site was firing, HARMs were able to be deployed and took out the SAM radar. The rest of the launchers were then destroyed using MAV-Fs.

A second SAM site was also discovered when it's search radar came alive. Two HARMs were launched at it as well and the radar was destroyed but the site was not able to be located.

All VFA-41 aircraft refueled and returned to the USS Roosevelt. One aircraft was unfortunately destroyed on landing when it experienced a collapsed landing gear and went over the side.


Dealer 1:
Trim - Ground Targets, Trapped.
Dirty Dan - Disconnected
Hedgehog - Ground Targets, Trapped.
Mad Dog - Ground Targets, Trapped.

Dealer 2:
Ticman - Trapped.
Shadow - Crashed on landing.
Lion (F-14) - Trapped.

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Re: 6 SEP 2020, CC-02 Crap Hits The Fan-Song

Post by Shadow » Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:12 am

Excellent mission participation. As the mission designer, I offer, even the first SAM system was not supposed to be located and fired upon. The window of opportunity was very short. The detection and targeting of both of the SAM systems is a tribute to the abilities of our pilots. WELL DONE!

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Re: 6 SEP 2020, CC-02 Crap Hits The Fan-Song

Post by Hedgehog » Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:44 am

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