01 Sept 2019 M-11 Flight 106 Hijacked

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01 Sept 2019 M-11 Flight 106 Hijacked

Post by Trim » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:48 pm

VFA-41 was tasked with intercepting a commercial airliner that had been forced to divert from its flight path by hostile fighters, force the fighters to withdraw or eliminate them, and escort the airliner Al Bateen Airport.

VFA-41 launched 2 flights of three aircraft each. Dealer 1 went out ahead to find the airliner as fast as possible. Dealer 2 left a short time later to provide back up and take over escort if Dealer 1 needed to divert for fuel.

Dealer 1 launched and flew the pre-briefed route. They picked up a friendly contact on radar and SA that appeared to be near the expected location of the airliner. They headed toward it to identify it. About 50 miles from the package, the fighter escorts were picked up on radar and observed maneuvering to engage Dealer 1. At which point the order was given to engage the fighters. Dealer 1 engaged and was able to eliminate a pair of the Mig-29s. Unfortunately, one Dealer 1-3 was also shot down but was able to eject.

Dealer 2 got to the engagement area about this time and both flights began looking for the airliner. Dealer 1 while investigating friendly SA contacts when to refuel from Texaco while Dealer 2 continued to fly the waypoints and look for the airliner. Dealer 2 encountered a pair of Mig-21s. Dealer2-1 was shot down by one of the Mig-21s, which then broke off and flew back to Iran.

After looking for the airliner for some time the order was given to RTB. Both flights returned to Stennis. About the time that VFA-41 reached the Stennis word was passed that the airliner had made it safely back to Al Bateen Airport.

All aircraft commenced Case III recoveries. Dealer 1-2 experienced fuel starvation on short final and crash while landing. All other aircraft landed aboard USS Stennis.

Mission Success

Dealer 1:
1- Trim; 2x Mig-21, Trapped
2- Mad Dog; Crashed on landing
3- Lion; shot down by Mig-21, ejected

Dealer 2:
1- Ticman; Shot down by Mig-21
2- Shadow; Trapped
3- Cord; Trapped

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Re: 01 Sept 2019 M-11 Flight 106 Hijacked

Post by Shadow » Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:13 pm

Weather was crappy. Doesn't the sun ever shine over here?

Dealer1 Launch.jpg
Dealer 1 launching
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Flight Msg.jpg
Flight 106 safe
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