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05 MAY 2018 Ship Strike

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:35 am
by Hedgehog
VFA-41 was tasked with locating and sinking a pair of cargo ships known to be transporting illegal war goods from a port. The ships were departing a busy Russian port, so there were various other ships in the area as well. Strike aircraft had to be sure to avoid other shipping traffic and only destroy the cargo ships identified in satellite imagery provided in the mission brief. Dealer 1 aircraft were assigned as escort, Dealer 2 was loaded with Mk-83 1000 lb bombs for the task.

Russian MiG-21 fighters intercepted the flight as it made its way toward the port. Dealer 1 destroyed one of them, but another snuck through to attack Dealer 2. Dealer 2-2 was shot down by the MiG before Dealer 2-3 took it out. The mission continued; the target cargo ships were located and sunk. Mission aircraft were targeted and launched on by SA-6 surface-to-air missiles, but remained out of missile range and none were hit. Surviving aircraft were recovered safely aboard USS John C. Stennis.

Dealer 1-1 - Trim: trapped.
Dealer 1-2 - Shadow: 1x MiG-21, trapped.

Dealer 2-1 - Hedgehog: 1x cargo ship, internet failure (dammit Comcast!)
Dealer 2-2 - Ticman: shot down by MiG-21.
Dealer 2-3 - Mad Dog: 1x MiG-21, 1x cargo ship, trapped.

ship strike04.jpg
Mad Dog and Hedgehog ready for launch.
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ship strike05.jpg
Cargo ship hit.
ship strike05.jpg (4.61 KiB) Viewed 299 times
ship strike06.jpg
Cargo ship going down.
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ship strike07.jpg
Trim recovering.
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Re: 05 MAY 2018 Ship Strike

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 9:01 am
by Hedgehog
Pilot records and Greenie Board updated.