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07 APR 2019 The Reef

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:15 pm
by Hedgehog
VFA-41 was tasked with providing close air support for a disabled American frigate that has run aground near the Iranian shoreline. Launch was 2:00 AM, but it was a bright moonlit night with good visibility.

Mission aircraft attacked targets of opportunity on the shore that posed a threat to the frigate, as well as several Iranian military aircraft. Despite destroying many enemy units with Maverick IR guided missiles, the frigate suffered heavy damage.

Dealer 1 flight did an excellent job recovering aboard the carrier at night without TACAN or ICLS.

Dealer 1-1 - Hedgehog: gnd tgts, trapped.
Dealer 1-2 - Mad Dog: trapped.
Dealer 1-3 - Ticman: 1x Ka-50, gnd tgts, trapped.
Dealer 1-4 - Papa Joe: 1x Ka-50, 1x Su-34, gnd tgts, trapped.

Dealer 2-1 - Trim: launch failure from carrier. Recovered by SAR.
Dealer 2-3 - Lion: 1x Yak-52, gnd tgts, crash landed at divert field due to aircraft damage. Pilot uninjured.

Mission partial success. :1undecided:
Ticman unleashes a Maverick
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Mad Dog on final approach
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Re: 07 APR 2019 The Reef

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:19 pm
by Hedgehog
Pilot records and Greenie Board updated.