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24 April 2022 - Damascus Dawn Week 15

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2022 11:35 pm
by Mad Dog
VFA-41 was part of a strike package hitting targets within the city of Aleppo in order to disrupt Syrian supply lines, infrastructure and command and control networks. The target package was a Powerplant, selected as our primary target, with the adjacent Railyard as a secondary target.

VFA-41 was dived into 2 flights Dealer 1 Launched at approximately 17:42 proceeded directly by Dealer 2, Dealer proceeded to the assembly area where we were met by our fighter escort, PONTIAC flight (4 x F-15C).

Colt Flight was to proceed strike flights and escort to target area to clear any ERW.

Upon reaching the target area Dealer 1 released weapons and planned a north egress. As bombs were released Dealer 1 encountered enemy Migs. Two FA-18 were lost in encounter. Escort F-15 aircraft performed a questionable circle maneuver instead of engaging, enemy Migs, leaving strike aircraft vulnerable to attack and contributed to the loss of aircraft. Bombs were released on target. Remaining Dealer 1 strike aircraft disengaged and proceeded to back to mother. Dealer 2 was directed to evaluate the Dealer 1 effectiveness on primary target. Dealer 2 accessed Dealer 1 strike to primary target was effective and proceeded to secondary targets and successfully hit secondary targets and SA-3 with Harms. Dealer 2 lost one FA-18 to technical drop.

Primary and secondary target were hit with great effectiveness. All remaining strike aircraft trapped without incident.

Status of downed pilots unknown, no parachutes were seen deployed, assumed KIA.

Dealer 1
1 - Mad Dog: SA-6, SA-11, trapped.
2 - Mr. Bean: gnd tgts, shot down.
3 - Lions: gnd tgts, trapped.
4 - Rhino: gnd tgts, shot down.

Dealer 2
1 - Hedgehog: gnd tgts, trapped.
2 - Chaos: gnd tgts, trapped.
3 - Iceberg: technical drop.
4 - Trim: gnd tgts, trapped.

MISSION SUCCESS. Mission objectives met and majority of targets destroyed.

Re: 24 April 2022 - Damascus Dawn Week 15

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2022 10:00 pm
by Hedgehog
Pilot records and Greenie Board updated.