v1.2 update

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v1.2 update

Post by Lion » Fri Mar 04, 2022 2:19 pm


Feature Changes
- Air source requirement added to engine start procedure
- Flight model updated - more accurate torque/transmission behaviour (ETL, mass, etc.)
- Flight Path Stabilization & Trim System improved
- Flare countermeasures added
- Configurable intenal cargo added
- Cockpit model updated for scale
- Many many many wonderful keybinds

- Wheelbrakes fixed
- Autostart enhancement added
- Damage to ground fire fixed
- Rename wheel lock binds correction
- Toggle Keybinds for CISP/MODE buttons enhancement
- Inclinometer movement bug fixed
- Removable seats added
- uh-60 hover issue with "Solo Flight" Checked in ME bug fixed
- Chaff and Flare Dispensers correction fixed
- No starter/engine noise when starting #1 engine fixed
- Add HDG bug, COURSE bug, radio preset inc / decrease key bindings
- Add more instant Action Missions enhancement
- Heat/Start Air Source switch seems to be inop
- Add rudder binds for keyboard and controller
- Add pitch/roll binds for keyboard and controller
- 10' ft Hover TQ required does not change with weight increase/decrease
- VSI/HSI Flags showing incorrectly
- APU ON advisory illuminates early
- Collective position
- Pedal authority is too strong
- ICS/XMIT Next and Previous keybinds dont work
- Nr (Rotor Speed) not Driven by Np(Engine Speed)
- Multiplayer Disconnect issues
- Master caution does not appear with caution advisory panel cautions
- [Feature request] Separate key bindings for extending and retracting the fuel probe enhancement
- Have Num+/Num- be default for collective inc/dec enhancement
- Anticollision, Position, NAV, Cabin Light keybinds missing enhancement
- Add more Fuel probe AAR keybinds enhancement
- NG at idle correction