FLIR laser codes

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FLIR laser codes

Post by Hedgehog » Sun Jan 31, 2021 8:20 pm

Laser codes in the Hornet default to 1688, which is also what JTAC is typically sparkling. In order to use your own FLIR laser to designate targets, you have to set a different laser code. There are only certain allowable code digit ranges (below), so to make it more-or-less easy to determine what code you should use to avoid interfering with others, we will use this scheme during squadron missions.

Your code is 15xx, where xx = your flight position.

Example: if you are Dealer 2-3, your code is 1523

Allowable laser codes codes are limited to:
• 1st digit = 1
• 2nd digit = 5-7
• 3rd and 4th = 1-8