Supported Airframes

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Supported Airframes

Post by Hedgehog » Fri Jan 28, 2022 12:47 pm

Our squadron mission statement says, "VFA-41 exists to support DCS World carrier aircraft pilots in flying scripted missions that reflect real-world tasking and objectives."

The two important parts of that statement are carrier aircraft and real-world.

Facing an ever-widening range of aircraft modules available on the DCS sim platform, VFA-41 squadron missions and campaigns will be developed within an 'era' structure as follows.

F/A-18C Hornet
F-14A/B Tomcat
A-6 Intruder (when released)
A-7 Corsair (because Lion said we have to) (when released)
UH-1H Huey or UH-60 Seahawk (as needed)

A-4E Skyhawk
UH-1H Huey (as needed)
F-4 Phantom (when carrier version is released)
A-6 Intruder (when released)
A-7 Corsair (if we have to...) (when released)

F-4U Corsair (when released)

Of course, when other carrier aircraft modules are developed and released, they will be added to the appropriate era. Keeping airframes separated by eras supports the "real-world" aspect of our mission statement. It doesn't make sense to have Hornets and Skyhawks on deck at the same time.

What about the AV-8B Harrier? It's not really a US Navy carrier aircraft. Does not operate from CVs or CVNs.

Can I still fly my XXXXX aircraft?? Of course! VFA-41 pilots can fly whatever they like. You will find a variety of DCS aircraft available to jump into in the Training Ranges. However, your A-10C or F-16 will never appear as a flyable aircraft in a squadron mission. We are a US Navy carrier squadron!