*UPDATE* 26 March, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 20

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*UPDATE* 26 March, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 20

Post by Rhino » Wed Mar 22, 2023 5:38 pm


While our earliest strikes in this campaign targeted and destroyed the vast majority of Russia’s Early Warning Radar in the southern Caucasus region and Crimea, they still have shorter detection range localized systems on Russian soil and have been operating their A-50 Mainstay AWACS aircraft constantly out of the Russian air base at Mozdok. Initially operating a single A-50 airframe early in this conflict, there are now two such air frames based out of Mozdok and they have been flying daily sorties to give near round the clock airborne early warning coverage.
SIGINT and radar data shows one A-50 typically launches around 0600 hours local time, flying a 10-hour mission with tanker support from an Il-76 tanker. The second A-50 typically launches around 1500 hours local, landing again around 0100 hours. The destruction of these A-50’s will further reduce the already very limited battlespace wide command and control the Russians possess.

In other developments, the Russian military has begun increased usage of ballistic missile attacks to target key infrastructure in both Tbilisi and Kutaisi. The bulk of these attacks are being launched from the 12th Missile Brigade, under the command of the Russian 58th Army in Vladikavkaz, but based on the grounds of Mozdok Air Base. These ballistic missile attacks have been devastating to civilians on the ground as they rain indiscriminately around major population centers.


Since our Air Force counterparts based out of Tbilisi don’t include platforms with long range precision strike capability, naval assets from CSG-8 have been tasked with tonight’s long range strike. VFA-41 will strike Mozdok air base with SLAM-ER cruise missiles with primary targets being the two A-50 Mainstay AWACS aircraft on the ramp and a secondary target consisting of the SCUD ballistic missile complex in the southeast corner of the air field. A VAQ-138 Prowler (Uzi Flight) will accompany the Black Aces on this mission, the first time a Prowler will be operating “over the beach” and well inland. As such a pair of VF-211 Tomcats (Ford Flight) will fly High Value Airborne Asset Protection for the Prowler. VFA-41 aircraft don’t need to escort or fly formation with Uzi Flight, but staying relatively close is recommended so as not to arrive at the target release area too early for jamming (and SEAD) support, or too late with any enemy alert fighters bearing down on the area.

This is an early morning strike designed to target the air base when both A-50’s are on the ground and the base is at its most vulnerable. In order to maintain the element of surprise, all aircraft are to remain at or below 6,000 feet MSL until WP2 (IP), at which point attacking aircraft can climb to altitude on the way to WP3, the designated release point for the SLAM-ERs. Waypoints 4, 5 & 6 are set as intermediate steerpoints for the SLAM-ERs to follow towards the target point at WP7. These steerpoints are designed to allow the SLAM-ERs to skirt the outer edges of the SA-11 Buk SAM batteries located south of Mozdok. This flight path, coupled with the jamming from the Prowler and simultaneous HARM attacks by Air Force F-16’s from Tbilisi should ensure they make it through to the target area.

Due to the mobile nature of both the A-50’s and the SCUD launchers, individually targetable waypoints are not possible, thus use of the AWW-13 Datalink pod for end game terminal guidance of the SLAM-ERs will be required. Waypoint 6, the last intermediate steerpoint before the missiles turn toward the target, is approximately 16 nm from the air base. It is recommended to set the distance the display comes on to 14 miles to allow for maximum steerage of the missiles.

Command has only authorized 8 SLAM-ERs for this strike, directing for 2 each on the A-50s and 4 on the SCUD site. If aircraft carry and launch 2 SLAM-ERs, consider making an orbit or two to give some separation between them as you can only terminally guide one missile at a time. Additionally, terminal guidance is a heads down in the cockpit activity, so planning for altitude deconfliction with other flights and squadron members is paramount to avoid mid air collisions. Uzi and Ford flights will be at Angles 27 for the duration of the mission after WP2. Also be mindful of the Russian/Georgian border. While crossing the border is authorized, the further you fly north of WP3 the more danger posed by SAMs and any potential responding alert fighters.


Russian aircraft have not generally been flying during hours of darkness, but it is likely a fighter element remains on Alert Status at Krymsk at all times. Staying below the radar horizon offered by the Caucasus Mountains as long as possible will maximize our time on station before any alert aircraft can scramble to intercept. No dedicated fighter presence remains at Mozdok itself, although a handful of Su-34 Fullbacks can be seen on the ramp, along with some Su-24 Fencers. They are not expected to be a factor for this mission. A CAP of F-15’s from Tbilisi will also be on station over South Ossetia to help deal with any inbound enemy alert fighters.

The SA-11 Buk SAM batteries remain a ground threat, but as long as you don’t venture north of the Russian border, they should be no factor to our aircraft.

Fuel, this is a long range strike of at least 400nm round trip plus loiter time to guide the SLAM-ERs. Two fuel tanks are recommended for the loadout and the Air Force has agreed to allow their KC-135 to orbit closer to the Georgian coast and will be available on egress from the area near WP9.


Weapons free on designated targets and any threatening enemy aircraft.

***Recommend setting SLAM-ER flight profile to Medium to allow for easier location of the targets in the endgame.***

**If more than 8 aircraft, or if each aircraft only brings one SLAM-ER, a HARM and/or a spare AIM-120 would be a good additional loadout. The AI F-16’s are good, but not always 100 over 100.**


DATE: 26 March, 2023

TIME: 0200 local

SUNRISE: 0728 local
SUNSET: 1942 local
MOON: None

TASK: Long Range Precision Strike

WX: 232@04kt / SCT at 12,000 / T10 / Q29.91

FLIGHT DURATION: ~400 nm + Loiter for SLAM Guidance

Dealer 1: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 2: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 3: 4 x F/A-18c
Dealer 4: 4 x F-14b

USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN-75) / Freq 127.500 [6] / TCN: 75X / ICLS: 5

AWACS / E-2D / OVERLORD/ Freq 266.000 [5]
Mission Tanker / KC-135 / SHELL / Freq: 251.000 [8]/ TCN:35Y
Recovery Tanker / S-3B / TEXACO / Freq 353.000 [10] / TCN:61Y

Batumi [WP]
Rwy: 13/31
ATC: 131.000 [16]


Route Overview.PNG
Route Overview.PNG (5.59 MiB) Viewed 116 times
Route Detail.PNG
Route Detail.PNG (7.02 MiB) Viewed 116 times
Target Area.PNG
Target Area.PNG (5.32 MiB) Viewed 116 times

Satellite Recon 1.jpg
Satellite Recon 1.jpg (1.59 MiB) Viewed 116 times
Satellite Recon 2.jpg
Satellite Recon 2.jpg (1.8 MiB) Viewed 116 times
Satellite Recon 3.jpg
Satellite Recon 3.jpg (2.07 MiB) Viewed 116 times
Satellite Recon 4.jpg
Satellite Recon 4.jpg (1.81 MiB) Viewed 116 times

Z_Mission Data Card.PNG
Z_Mission Data Card.PNG (64.21 KiB) Viewed 109 times
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Re: 26 March, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 20

Post by Lion » Thu Mar 23, 2023 10:09 pm

CAPT Trim assigned as Mission Commander

LCDR Rhino on standby
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Re: *UPDATE* 26 March, 2023 - Operation Noble Tempest Week 20

Post by Rhino » Fri Mar 24, 2023 1:25 pm

Updated ROE section with some additional information.

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