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We are a combat flight simulation squadron primarily flying the F/A-18C Hornet in carrier-based combat missions on the DCS World simulator platform.

Black Aces News

April 20, 2019
Black Ace Earns Wings

Having successfully completed requirements of the squadron's comprehensive, 9-phased training and qualification program, ENS Shadow has been awarded his coveted Wings of Gold, denoting him as a Naval Aviator in VFA-41.  Well done!

April 8, 2019
Pentagon Names Operation, Announces Completion

In a press conference early this morning, Pentagon officials named the recent military actions in the Gulf region as an operation, as well as announcing its completion.  Operation Gulf Response consisted of six actions responding to increased Iranian military aggression in the region.  Sorties were flown from the USS John C. Stennis carrier battle group.  As the battle group is now withdrawing from the area, the Department of the Navy also revealed and issued a campaign ribbon to sailors and pilots who participarted in the actions.

April 8, 2019
US Warplanes Scramble as Navy Frigate Comes Under Attack

US Navy F/A-18C Hornets launched into the darkness to come to the aid of a battle group frigate that ran agound in shallow water off the Iranian coast.  The ship was well within range of coastal batteries and came under fire, sustaining heavy damage despite the air cover.  VFA-41 squadron pilots employed infra-red guided Maverick F missiles to destroy artillery vehicles firing on the ship, as well as eliminating several Iranian military planes and attack helicopters in the area.  Mission details are available HERE.

April 2, 2019
Iranian Radar Site Attacked and Heavily Damaged

In a daylight raid into Iranian airspace, US Navy warplanes attacked a mountaintop early warning radar site in a mission expected to pave the way for further NATO military action in the region.  With the radar site offline, the Iranian military is virtually blinded to incursion by NATO forces.  The VFA-41 "Black Aces" squadron conducted the raid, with Pentagon sources confirming the loss of one F/A-18C Hornet fighter aircraft to an enemy surface-to-air missile.  The pilot was able to return his damage aircraft to the vicinity of US warships but was forced to eject and was rescued and uninjured.  All other mission aircraft recovered safely aboard the USS John C. Stennis.  Further mission details are available HERE.